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Small Talk

How is my work?
How was my trip?
Where did I go, what did I do?
How is my team?

As if
That is who I really am

How is your family?
How is your wife?
What is going on with your health?
What a great new house
What was for dinner last night?

As If
That is who you really are

Tell me about God
Let me know you know God
That is all we really need to know

I Want to Think of Her no More

I want to think of her no more
I’d rather I was aware
Of these cracks in the sidewalk
As they pass below my feet
With each nearer my destination
It will be there when I get there
She will not

These familiar thought patterns
Of her so many years past
Like a comfortable foot
In a well worn shoe
As they walk me on forward

I don’t want to think of her any more
And miss this precious moment
These cracks in the sidewalk
The fallen leaves
They rest so randomly
Where fate has landed them

The sounds of the dogs and the birds
Barking and chirping
The friendly smiles of passerbys
A hello from the mailman
In the midst of her route delivery

It is nothing about her
As it is an undisciplined mind
Absent her a replacement
An impending deadline

The next deal to go through
Or a financial bind
What’s for lunch and dinner?
Or a different pretty find

No, I don’t want to think of her any more
Nor this that or the other
Quiet my restless mind
Or another moment will slip by
Opportunities missed forever
Those right before my very eyes

A Deadly Combination

What a deadly combination
A smile and a pretty face
How quickly a warrior
Will abandon his place

Standing firmly at guard
Protecting the castle entry
An enemy lurks in shadow
Threat real or imaginary

He yearns to follow
Something he knows
As his heart does tell him
There is something more pure

Yet all to many times
He reaches to touch it
An like the clouds
It vanishes

The End of a Line

A risk taken
Like so many times before
Yet always a bit different
And a little more exposed

My love is not selfless
What I offer I yearn for me
But it is through this avenue
That I will not receive

Yet this heart is not broken
Sorrow replaced with ecstasy
What new lesson was learned
That has always eluded me

What greater an affair
To offer one’s heart away
Like nothing is more vital
Watch the ego as it decays

It’s the end of a line
A substitute will not occur
But at the end of each line
There is a new world to explore

In this house of mirrors
Only my reflection will I see
Everything that I send out
Does return to me

In reaching line’s end
The mirror’s illusion will fade
Leaving only what radiates
Circles back and penetrates

No one to give
No one to receive
Everything one hopes for
Already exists if we believe

Until the lesson’s forgotten
And cycles will repeat
Another risk will be taken
Maybe next time we shall see

Because I Love You

You must be here to teach me
A catalyst of such sorrow
Only because I love you
How I’d like to know

Or do I really love you
As much as I’d want
For reasons so selfish
You don’t get on the ball

At a distance you keep
Close enough to see
Yet too far away to touch
Reasons I don’t follow

No word has been given
So your needs I don’t know
Love has become thwarted
No explanation at all

What are you trying to teach me
For what lessons did I request
In another lifetime distant
That my mind doesn’t recall

Yet I remember what love is
The will to let go
Then his grace will carry me
Beyond all my sorrow

And in that state of surrender
I must watch you go
Because I love you
How I’ll never know

Thanksgiving Poem

Half serving of everything
With respect for each taste
Eaten twice as slow
Nothing goes to waist

Food is God
With attention each bite
I take in his goodness
And reverence will ignite

Twenty minutes to pass
Before refilling my plate
I will just say “no”
To Holiday weight

So I sit in gratitude
On this gluttonous night
Health is what’s central
To last all my life

I’ll enjoying the meal
But know this godsend
The true source of joy
Are my family and friends


Entangled with a woman
A welcomed fact of life
Not a choice of his own
He trembles inside

A princess of her own making
Or through a bloodline
Every gift he will give her
Until he’s run dry

A greater fortune awaits
The storybooks have implied
In this faded treasure map
He will have to confide

Once the first step is made
There is no place to hide
It is her own reaction
That draws his next stride

He wants to crumble
Oh he wants to cry
As he exposes the tender spots
Normally tucked inside

A misstep to the left
He slips and he slides
A misstep to the right
With a wall he collides

Through bumps and bruises
He will have to abide
They shave his rough spots
They humble his pride

This elusive target
He may always be denied
For it’s not the destination
It is about the ride

Pretty Face

There is nothing like a pretty face
To make the world fade away

Sometimes they shy away
Or they turn around and run

But sometimes they gaze right back
As they draw ever so near

Eyes absorb each pleasant feature
As the words she speaks fill my ear

A voice so sweet as the scented air
The things to say and hear

Balance her material beauty
With a portrait of who she was

Who she was and who she will be
And all the things she does

Essential things that lead her here
To a moment just the two of us share

In this second they disappear
And we draw just a little more near

Love Is …

Love is a state of balance
As content as a cat
Sitting basking in the sun
Detached from outer influence
Until something will interrupt

A pang of hunger
An unexpected noise
Trigger a rush of feeling
Disrupting equilibrium

These limits of the body
Spring it into action
To search for edible things
Or a protected place to hide

Until at last once more
It comes to rest again
Free from outer influence
And meditate

But perhaps there’s a blockade
Action is not granted
Feelings never go away
Balance never restored
And love begins to fade

Until we invent new ways
To feel again the state
Fantasy and addictions
Based on outer things

Alas none of it will stay
When we come face to face
With inevitability of change

With shovel and pick we must dig
Through the barriers that froze us
And return back to equilibrium
The proper way