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Sacred Duty

Perhaps is was just an arrow
From that sneaky Cupid’s bow
That draws man and woman
Beyond their control
It becomes a sacred duty
Together woman and man
To learn to love one another
And help each other grow

I Do Not Believe in Love

I do not believe in love!

Let me rephrase that …
Love is all that exists

There is love
And there are the things
That thwart my being
From being … in love

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs
Mingle to form a tangled web
That love will not infiltrate

Then there is you …

I do not believe in love.

Let me rephrase that …
I do not believe it’s you
That is the source of my love

In moments of excitement
The web will dissipate
And I wrongly believe
That source of stimulation …
Is the love

But soon it will all fade
Thoughts, feelings, beliefs
Once again form a web
That love will not penetrate

I do believe in love
As it dwells deep within
Shining like a beacon
On a foggy eve

Then there is you …

Support and guidance
Is all I may ask
For the work that I must do

But the work alone I must do
Unraveling this mess that I made
And for you in exchange
I will offer the same


I put you on a pedestal
With your beautiful face
Perfect figure and silky hair
I put you on a pedestal
And then despise you for being there

Why not come down to my level
Perfection is just my projection
There is more of you to share
Meet me direct woman to man
Or, it is me that is not playing fair

Standing on the Cliff

With distain I abhor the way I feel
Or is it the way I think?
The interplay between thought and feeling
Manufacturing the shadows on my consciousness

I stand on the lip of the overhang
Where I had stood so many times before
I look out to where I had stepped
On that bridge that just disappeared

Here I am again
Looking over the same cliff
Shadows creating the illusion
Is it there?

Swaying in the breeze
I just cannot tell what is real
My bruises still a little raw
From when I fell before

But somehow I should get to the other side.

What I’ve Come to Understand

What I’ve come to understand

She’s just an apparition
Or so it seems
A vision of loveliness
An inebriating smile
As she oscillates
In and around my life

Alas, like any ghost
When we reach out to touch them
They’re not really there

What is this illusion
That invades my mind
And takes over my brain?
Is it just a projection
Of an element
Of my inner being?

A soma to dance with
In a play of creativity
Home, family, service & community
The cyclic pulse of yin & yang
That give rise to “reality.”

Alas, like any ghost
Or, apparition
When I reach out to touch it
It’s only God that is there

The Soul Sits Deep

My Soul sits absorbed
Deep within my being
It brings motivation and meaning
To what becomes seen

Everything I am or do
Materializes from that place
Yet my soul remains unseen
In its internal space

The beauty
The perfection
Contained inside

The purity
The grace
Forced to hide

Behind a mask of language
And a cloak of beliefs
My Soul attempts to express
Yet it is taken by a thief

It bends and distorts
Who it wants me to be
It twists and denies
Who is the real me

Through no fault of another
This crime takes place
It is the imperfect patterns
Of our human race

Words, language
And systems of faith
The vehicles of expression
Of this internal space

Are taken as the truth
Instead of this great seed
That was planted and grows
Through some greater deed

Look deep into my eyes
And there you will see
The purity of God
Concealed in me

Now I am tired
And I must sleep
Or through my own laziness
I will cause others to weep

For I too am fooled
By the patterns of being
That cause me to think
What’s seen is what’s seeing