I Want to Think of Her no More

I want to think of her no more
I’d rather I was aware
Of these cracks in the sidewalk
As they pass below my feet
With each nearer my destination
It will be there when I get there
She will not

These familiar thought patterns
Of her so many years past
Like a comfortable foot
In a well worn shoe
As they walk me on forward

I don’t want to think of her any more
And miss this precious moment
These cracks in the sidewalk
The fallen leaves
They rest so randomly
Where fate has landed them

The sounds of the dogs and the birds
Barking and chirping
The friendly smiles of passerbys
A hello from the mailman
In the midst of her route delivery

It is nothing about her
As it is an undisciplined mind
Absent her a replacement
An impending deadline

The next deal to go through
Or a financial bind
What’s for lunch and dinner?
Or a different pretty find

No, I don’t want to think of her any more
Nor this that or the other
Quiet my restless mind
Or another moment will slip by
Opportunities missed forever
Those right before my very eyes

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