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Kirk’s Touch and Go Butterfly

Kirk did the butterfly out to Alcatraz and back.  3 1/2 hours.  The original plan was to go out, around Alcatraz and back, but the ebb current was too strong to allow Kirk to swim around the back of the island.  He reached the island at the southwest end.  He swam around the the southeast side attempting to make the turn around the back, however the current at the corner was too strong for his swim speed doing the butterfly.  He settled for a touch and go and headed back to the city front.

April Mile Rock to Bay Bridge

The swim started at Mile Rock in San Francisco. Six swimmers with three kayaks. The water proved to be too rough out there so swimmers and kayakers were gather up by our support boat (the Dauntless) and repositioned to the Golden Gate Bridge. The destination Candlestick Point. The currents were not strong enough to support us reaching Candlestick Point. One swimmer made it passed the Bay Bridge. The rest almost made it to the bridge.

2011 April Point Bonita to San Quentin

The route was from Point Bonita to San Quentin … 12 miles. Seven swimmers with support from four kayaks and one big boat. Six swimmers start at Point Bonita, one at Kirby Cove. Five make it through the end of Raccoon Strait. Two swim for four hours and almost reach the destination.


2011 March Swim Until Arms Fall Off

‎9 swimmers with support of The Dauntless and 4 kayakers set out to swim from Candlestick Point to Mile Rock (15 miles) or until their arms fell off. After the Bay Bridge 5 swimmers remained. The water was cold due to snow runoff. Our non wetsuited swimmers could not stay in as long. The rest of the 5 made it as far as Alcatraz before the current switched directions stopping them dead in their tracks.