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Turtle Scratching

I found myself wandering in a swampy area.  My shoes were getting wet, but it did not bother me.  I saw little bumps moving towards me like an animal under the muddy surface, but I did not feel threatened.  As they got closer they broke the surface.  Turtles, they were turtles.  They continued towards me.  I have heard about snapping turtles, but did not feel threatened by these.  They came up to me an nuzzled my feet, like my cat would with his nose when he wants me to pet him.  I pushed the turtles away with my feet, but they persisted.  Then I heard a voice inside my head, “Turtles like to be scratched on their shells.”  I thought this strange since I did not think they could feel through their shells, but I obeyed and started scratching one on its shell.  It stopped in its tracks as if to enjoy the moment.  Then it slowly rolled over to expose its belly.  I continued to scratch its belly.  As I scratched the mud wiped away to expose the pink flesh color of the skin, much like human skin.  It rolled back over onto its belly to expose its back and I kept scratching.  It rolled back to expose its belly, once again covered with mud.  As I scratched away the mud I could see the turtle was becoming upset.  It looked up at me, “It is not use,” it said, “no matter what I will get it muddy again.”  “Well it is a dirt world you live it.” I said back to the turtle.

At this point I awoke from my dream by the telephone ring.  The imagery of the turtle stuck with me.  Why some dream imagery is more powerful than other?  Perhaps the message is more important to me … if dream imagery does indeed contain messages.  I went to my dream dictionary and looked up “turtles.”  “Within three days you will witness a strange occurrence.  You will be shocked and wish you had never seen this.  Do whatever you can to avoid this by rescheduling all planned events during this time period.  You will also de very successful when bargain hunting.  Barter with others and you will quickly accumulate many items you wish to purchase.  You will experience good health, tranquility and harmony for a long time to come.