Love Is …

Love is a state of balance
As content as a cat
Sitting basking in the sun
Detached from outer influence
Until something will interrupt

A pang of hunger
An unexpected noise
Trigger a rush of feeling
Disrupting equilibrium

These limits of the body
Spring it into action
To search for edible things
Or a protected place to hide

Until at last once more
It comes to rest again
Free from outer influence
And meditate

But perhaps there’s a blockade
Action is not granted
Feelings never go away
Balance never restored
And love begins to fade

Until we invent new ways
To feel again the state
Fantasy and addictions
Based on outer things

Alas none of it will stay
When we come face to face
With inevitability of change

With shovel and pick we must dig
Through the barriers that froze us
And return back to equilibrium
The proper way


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