Entangled with a woman
A welcomed fact of life
Not a choice of his own
He trembles inside

A princess of her own making
Or through a bloodline
Every gift he will give her
Until he’s run dry

A greater fortune awaits
The storybooks have implied
In this faded treasure map
He will have to confide

Once the first step is made
There is no place to hide
It is her own reaction
That draws his next stride

He wants to crumble
Oh he wants to cry
As he exposes the tender spots
Normally tucked inside

A misstep to the left
He slips and he slides
A misstep to the right
With a wall he collides

Through bumps and bruises
He will have to abide
They shave his rough spots
They humble his pride

This elusive target
He may always be denied
For it’s not the destination
It is about the ride

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