The End of a Line

A risk taken
Like so many times before
Yet always a bit different
And a little more exposed

My love is not selfless
What I offer I yearn for me
But it is through this avenue
That I will not receive

Yet this heart is not broken
Sorrow replaced with ecstasy
What new lesson was learned
That has always eluded me

What greater an affair
To offer one’s heart away
Like nothing is more vital
Watch the ego as it decays

It’s the end of a line
A substitute will not occur
But at the end of each line
There is a new world to explore

In this house of mirrors
Only my reflection will I see
Everything that I send out
Does return to me

In reaching line’s end
The mirror’s illusion will fade
Leaving only what radiates
Circles back and penetrates

No one to give
No one to receive
Everything one hopes for
Already exists if we believe

Until the lesson’s forgotten
And cycles will repeat
Another risk will be taken
Maybe next time we shall see

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