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The Alcohol Lie

I was always fascinated by evolution, looking at simpler organisms and other animals and imagining how such a wonderfully complex creature such as the human evolved.  In observing simpler organisms and other animals there is one thing in common … they receive in input from the environment that generates some kind of internal response that in turn leads to an action that guides that being through its life.  In most animals the internal reaction is a feeling.  We are no different.  Feelings are there in our life to guide us!

So what happens when we start masking feelings with things like drugs or alcohol?  We are bound to wind up leading a misguided life.  This goes for the casual “social” drink as well as the heavy addicted drinker.  What is the purpose of it?  Is it to relax, to feel more comfortable or whatever?  Well the reason that we are not more relaxed, comfortable or whatever is a part of who we are.  Everything that we feel is sacred.  It is a part of the feelings we have that need to be listened to and honored so they may guide us.

As a race of human beings if we are all relying on drugs and alcohol to mask feelings, we will all be misguided together.  If the world seems to be such a mess, perhaps that is the reason why.  There are two things that scare me most.  First is when men and women getting together under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This scares me because children can be brought into this world through parents that are not being real with their feelings towards each other.  Children get hurt.  The second is that people who are in touch with their feelings are going out in the world making decisions that affect a lot of others.  What a mess this can make.

In all fairness, with humans it gets a little more complicated than just being guided by feelings the way it seems with other animals.  We start creating internal realities based on beliefs systems.  So not only are we reacting to the external environment, but also and internal one made up in our minds and through collective social beliefs.  So not only do we have the original feelings that are meant to guide us, but we start having feelings about those feelings based on our beliefs.  The feelings about feelings can then thwart the action that is intended based on the original feelings.  And, well then, feelings can emerge about that.  It all gets so messy.  We are no longer simple creatures in a basic fight, flight, feed or … the other ”f” word.  So no wonder we turn to things like alcohol and other intoxicants to numb our feelings.  They are too complicated!  But it needs to be stopped or we will all go down the cliff together.