I Do Not Believe in Love

I do not believe in love!

Let me rephrase that …
Love is all that exists

There is love
And there are the things
That thwart my being
From being … in love

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs
Mingle to form a tangled web
That love will not infiltrate

Then there is you …

I do not believe in love.

Let me rephrase that …
I do not believe it’s you
That is the source of my love

In moments of excitement
The web will dissipate
And I wrongly believe
That source of stimulation …
Is the love

But soon it will all fade
Thoughts, feelings, beliefs
Once again form a web
That love will not penetrate

I do believe in love
As it dwells deep within
Shining like a beacon
On a foggy eve

Then there is you …

Support and guidance
Is all I may ask
For the work that I must do

But the work alone I must do
Unraveling this mess that I made
And for you in exchange
I will offer the same

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